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Happy Friday!

Hopefully you all are enjoying a flu-free-Friday!  I am, but I seem to be in the minority.

This has been one crazy week for me.  I’ve really not had much to say on my blog, and today I have the time, but my well has run dry.  So I’m going to catch up on our blog community’s posts and get inspired.  Writing is a collaborative effort after all.

Hope all you Iron Yardies are doing well so far and Good Luck to the Tampa class which starts Monday!

Here’s to a good Friday!  Make it your own!


What money can’t buy

Money can get you a lot of things.  It’s nice to have around.  Hmm… so what it can’t get you are a lot of things you really want.

Work that is worthwhile.  I’m so thankful that I get to work for a company that translates old movies to digital content.  I do the front-end development work, and while it’s very difficult sometimes, I am really starting to thrive on the challenge.

Good relationships.  It’s such a good thing to have good support in whatever you do.  I’m lucky to have great neighbors, excellent co-workers, and a family that supported me when I changed careers in a very uncertain economical time.

Daily writing prompts from John Saddington.  Apparently it’s free.

Innovation.  Actually I’ve usually been more innovative and creative when I don’t have money.  It forces me to think different.

It seems whatever itch that we feel we just have to scratch in life, seldom can money take care of it.



Blogging from my back deck this morning.  We dream of our ‘future selves’ having the life.  Cars, house, wife, bit of cash, and you know – the good life.  I don’t really have those things yet, but I’m working on it.

As individuals who are always striving to better ourselves and our situations, we tend to miss what we already have.  Maybe take a few minutes this morning and maybe grab some coffee and look at the sunrise.  If you can do just these 2 things, I think you’ve got a good start on the good life.  Let’s just appreciate how lucky we all are this morning.

As for me, I’m watching the sunrise from the back deck this morning and realizing just how lucky I am to be here.

Looking Back

So although I’ve some catching up to do, we’re at the end of our #10daysbetterblog challenge.  Like many things, I realize right now that I learned a pretty good bit more than I thought.

Of course like I mentioned earlier, time management.

Just a small 15-20 minute window can really be effective!  Also getting in the rhythm of doing your writing at the same time everyday has become my big go-to!

Music is pretty important as well.  It’s great to be able to slip off into the ‘writing world’ with some good tunes!  I completely wore out Dave Matthews Band “Best of What’s Around”.

I thought it was a good idea to re-read my posts from these 10 days and it’s a really good roadmap of where my thoughts were going.  What’s better is I remember thinking about perspectives or possibilities that I forgot to write down and come back to!

I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s writing too!  I’m glad I got to get to know you a little.  I would read some posts and go ‘Wow, I completely get THAT!!’.  So much of it is so relatable!

So where to go from here?  Well I’m now in the habit of writing so I won’t stop that.  Created a bit of organization to make it not feel like a chore.  I like being a part of this community and I will make it a point to remain active, as I hope all of you will too!

Thanks to all of you and thanks to Saddington for bringing all this together!

Until tomorrow.


Wow, I was pretty busy today so I’m writing this a little late.

I’ve titled this “Lucky”.  It’s in reference not only to the past few days with you guys, but 2014 as a whole year.

I’ve never been involved with a blogging community really, and I haven’t been as involved in reading everyone’s posts as I’d like to be.  I’m still reading some from day 2!  I’m really lucky to have such a supportive and friendly group as you guys in the #10daystobetterblog (or is it #10daysbetterblow? haha). What continues to blow me away is that I don’t know any of you except Saddington, yet you all are as helpful and encouraging as he was whenever he would visit our campus.  I mean I haven’t been trolled once(yet…)!

I’m going to go from now back to January 2014 and just list some highlights of why I think I’m lucky. I promise it’s not a long list.

I’m lucky because I happen to stumble upon this course because I follow Saddington on twitter and read his blog.  This has already led to me getting to know some of you and learning from you.

I’m lucky to have met John @theironyard in Charleston when he would come give talks.  I really didn’t understand them too well until I got in the software dev workforce.

I’m lucky to have been hired at a great startup in a picturesque setting!  I’m a front end developer in Chattanooga, TN.

I’m lucky to have gone through a great coding academy which turned out to be my second family.  Truly am amazed that those guys cared so much about us.  I came from an aviation maintenance background and it’s far more cut throat.

I’m lucky to have seen a billboard for the iron yard on the freeway while going to work at Boeing one day and decided to look it up.

I’m lucky that I got a job on January 6 2014 to pack my bags and head to Boeing in Charleston, SC as another contract mechanic.

I’m lucky that I sometimes take chances.

Above all, I’m thankful that I have family and friends that support my crazy ideas!

Why I Write

This is a good question.  Why do I write?  I’ve not thought much about that, ever.

First thing that comes to mind is when I find things I’ve written in the past, I rediscover that era of my life.  I remember situations that were going on, my thoughts on what paths I should take, and what music I was into at that time.  No matter what I read from my past, I can recall what band I was into at that time!

Second, and this is happening as I write this, writing makes me think instead of going through the motions.  I have to pause and take stock in where I am and what I’m doing.   I can better examine the things I have ahead of me, being projects, work, or why would I really consider spending $1500 on a new road bicycle?

Lastly, I started blogging again to help out others.  This is mainly because I’d been contacted a few times about my coding school reviews.  Going through the Iron Yard coding academy, I really could’ve used an outside source who’s been there.  If I’m just someone who can relate to the students and give a little guidence, then that would be great! I’m also a long distance runner and I’ve been given several tips that are very beneficial, but often times when I share them with other runners it’s news to them.  If I can put those tips on a blog then several people can benefit.

For a long time I didn’t really see blogging or twitter as much more than a platform for people to glorify themselves.  I completely missed out on the benefits of public writing and the good things that it can provide.

Take it easy!

TIY 2015!

Finally got around to getting desk.pm and getting this blog in gear!

So it sounds like The Iron Yard is kicking off another class!  I’m so glad that so many people are taking the challenge and changing their lives!  It’s definitely an exciting road, one that I’m so glad I took!

Not having much of a programming background, I was skeptical about the whole process. I just didn’t see how I would be marketable after only 3 months.  My plan was just to do exactly what I was asked and not to worry about imaginary scenes of failure.

It is extremely eye opening how much is possible with this course!  You literally have only the sky as your limit!  Making mock-ups and learning javascript was fun, but the real fun for me was all the different frameworks.  It’s really intimidating at first, but you start seeing patterns and realizing what the language designers were going for.  It’s opened doors for me very quickly.  For instance, I am learning ember.js this week in order to help with another startup that’s only about 2 months old.  That’s exciting!!

I can honestly say going through The Iron Yard has enriched my life and given me creative opportunities that I had long ago dismissed due to the fact that I had no CS degree.  What a difference a few months and hard work has made!

Good luck to the new classes!  You won’t regret it!

-and thanks to you John for making this very cool app!