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Time when I was scared to act

When was I scared to act?  This is an easy one!  When I started looking for a job as a developer!  There’s always a little part of me that’s scared that I won’t measure up to employers’ expectations.  I’ve only been developing since April so I’m still learning things that people around me already know.

Also I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in Charleston or try a new place.  I’d only lived in Chucktown for 6 months but I found myself wondering about the mountains a lot.

So there I was again.  New job, new career actually, new city, new friends, new routine.  Exciting yes, but scary – you bet.

I’m a veteran at doing this kind of thing by now, but it’s still scary when I actually act on it.  Always worth it though.




Javascript used to scare me.  I simply didn’t understand it, or what was going on.  I had done pretty well just using plug-ins and off-the-shelf solutions.  It was silly but I was comfortable in my phobia.  “This crap doesn’t make sense and I’m not a genius.” and the excuse machine that I maintained well just kept on producing. So there came I time where I was cornered and had to write some custom JS.  “Fine” I said, “whatever gets me through this.”  So I got it to work.  “That’s it?  Why was I afraid of this?”.  I recognized that there isn’t any magic going on, just a logical proceedure.  Phobia removed.

This led to forcing myself to logically review other bits of code, be it JS, PHP, Rails, Python, etc.  There’s always a pattern.  They’re always doing something pretty logical.  For those times where I have no clue, I’m forced to remind myself that “Hey, a human mind built this, so a human mind can solve it”.

Logical thought doesn’t exactly result from any particular training.  It’s just a valuable habit.

A habit that’s deadly against phobias.

Growth hurts

It’s always a good thing to step out of your comfort zone.  You know that it leads to growth and that’s a good thing.  Unfortunately it sometimes hurts.  This past Saturday I upped my ‘long run’ mileage to 10 miles.  It was difficult but I knew I would be glad that I did it.

Every action has a reaction.

Here I am at my desk at work and I’m sooooo tired and sore!   Man I just want to lay down and sort of watch a movie.

So short post again today because of that and I keep making typos!

Don’t be afraid to step out, just stretch a whole bunch when you do!



Blogging from my back deck this morning.  We dream of our ‘future selves’ having the life.  Cars, house, wife, bit of cash, and you know – the good life.  I don’t really have those things yet, but I’m working on it.

As individuals who are always striving to better ourselves and our situations, we tend to miss what we already have.  Maybe take a few minutes this morning and maybe grab some coffee and look at the sunrise.  If you can do just these 2 things, I think you’ve got a good start on the good life.  Let’s just appreciate how lucky we all are this morning.

As for me, I’m watching the sunrise from the back deck this morning and realizing just how lucky I am to be here.

TIY 2015!

Finally got around to getting desk.pm and getting this blog in gear!

So it sounds like The Iron Yard is kicking off another class!  I’m so glad that so many people are taking the challenge and changing their lives!  It’s definitely an exciting road, one that I’m so glad I took!

Not having much of a programming background, I was skeptical about the whole process. I just didn’t see how I would be marketable after only 3 months.  My plan was just to do exactly what I was asked and not to worry about imaginary scenes of failure.

It is extremely eye opening how much is possible with this course!  You literally have only the sky as your limit!  Making mock-ups and learning javascript was fun, but the real fun for me was all the different frameworks.  It’s really intimidating at first, but you start seeing patterns and realizing what the language designers were going for.  It’s opened doors for me very quickly.  For instance, I am learning ember.js this week in order to help with another startup that’s only about 2 months old.  That’s exciting!!

I can honestly say going through The Iron Yard has enriched my life and given me creative opportunities that I had long ago dismissed due to the fact that I had no CS degree.  What a difference a few months and hard work has made!

Good luck to the new classes!  You won’t regret it!

-and thanks to you John for making this very cool app!