About This Guy

First off, whenever reading my blog – the reading voice in your mind should be that of Morgan Freeman.  You’ll like my posts much better that way.

I decided 2 years ago to quit my job as helicopter mechanic and chase down the dream of being a developer.  I went through school and when my savings ran out I moved to Charleston, SC to work for Boeing and scare up some cash to keep going.  That’s where I found The Iron Yard coding school.  I decided to gamble everything once again and try to break into development.  After graduation I got a call to do some development in Chattanooga.  Since then I’ve got a permanent front end developer position.  I fully embrace the idea of chasing your dream.  I chased mine and I don’t regret it one bit.

The ‘scare yourself everyday’ idea was inspired by a book I got for a friend one time (‘This Book Will Change Your Life’ by Ben Carey’).  Very random. Pretty funny though!


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