Start before you’re ready

I’ve never quite been ready for anything, I guess.  I just start.

I could never possibly predict all the things that I would encounter when starting something, let alone prep for them.  If I did that, I’d find something and say “err, nope.  I don’t think I’ll be doing this.  Too hard.”  That means I’d completely lose out on learning something (or being forced to, which happens quite a bit).

My dad likes to say “When you have the money, you don’t have time.  When you have time, you don’t have the money.  If you want to go do something, go do it!  Don’t wait!”  It’s taken me to sea, various cities, racing, flying, and a couple of careers.

Like @jlyman said, “It means take a chance, take a leap of faith.”

Well said.  If you’re a christian then it definitely means lean into your faith.