Fav subject in school

So I’d be lying if math didn’t hold a funky place in my heart.  Not because I’m particularly good at it, I just like seeing numbers create something visual – like geometric shapes.

However, it’s definitely history that gets me into a subject.  I’ve always liked the background story on a subject.  The present-day state of something only holds flimsy value to me unless I know how it got there.

This helps me get into my present day occupation of being a web developer.  It’s cool how we do things and can structure apps at blazing speeds now, but without me knowing the history of how we got to this point I wouldn’t be very interested for long.  That’s why I still have old ‘information technology’ textbooks from 1994 in my house.  It’s fun to look back and say ‘my God I remember having to do that!’.  

I missed out on a lot of internet development from 2000-2005 because I was in the military and wasn’t exactly able to keep up.  Basically I knew about Napster and that’s it.  I used to be big into IRC and tried making my own clients.  That wasn’t too good but I learned a lot.  I made my own websites and hosted them on Geocities (remember that?!) and thought I was a hacker every time I’d see a parent directory listing.  

Having said that, it’s interesting to read things having to do with the history of the internet.  Reminds me of where we’ve been, and maybe helps me shape where we’re going.