What money can’t buy

Money can get you a lot of things.  It’s nice to have around.  Hmm… so what it can’t get you are a lot of things you really want.

Work that is worthwhile.  I’m so thankful that I get to work for a company that translates old movies to digital content.  I do the front-end development work, and while it’s very difficult sometimes, I am really starting to thrive on the challenge.

Good relationships.  It’s such a good thing to have good support in whatever you do.  I’m lucky to have great neighbors, excellent co-workers, and a family that supported me when I changed careers in a very uncertain economical time.

Daily writing prompts from John Saddington.  Apparently it’s free.

Innovation.  Actually I’ve usually been more innovative and creative when I don’t have money.  It forces me to think different.

It seems whatever itch that we feel we just have to scratch in life, seldom can money take care of it.