Javascript used to scare me.  I simply didn’t understand it, or what was going on.  I had done pretty well just using plug-ins and off-the-shelf solutions.  It was silly but I was comfortable in my phobia.  “This crap doesn’t make sense and I’m not a genius.” and the excuse machine that I maintained well just kept on producing. So there came I time where I was cornered and had to write some custom JS.  “Fine” I said, “whatever gets me through this.”  So I got it to work.  “That’s it?  Why was I afraid of this?”.  I recognized that there isn’t any magic going on, just a logical proceedure.  Phobia removed.

This led to forcing myself to logically review other bits of code, be it JS, PHP, Rails, Python, etc.  There’s always a pattern.  They’re always doing something pretty logical.  For those times where I have no clue, I’m forced to remind myself that “Hey, a human mind built this, so a human mind can solve it”.

Logical thought doesn’t exactly result from any particular training.  It’s just a valuable habit.

A habit that’s deadly against phobias.