State of the Dev Community

I really do enjoy being a developer!  I mean I’m getting into it more and more each day!  It’s complicated and you have to master several concepts just to get moving but there’s such a great and helpful community around you!

When I got serious into development and decided to make it a profession I immediately ran into a roadblock.  I started at community college and it was so ultra-competitive- which isn’t bad – but no one would share information with anyone.  This is probably because there were about 50(?) of us competing for about 10 jobs.  I really felt like I was on an island and I would have to figure out everything myself.

My last semester I had an instructor who obviously loved teaching.  He taught our network security class.  Talk about someone who really embodied the open-source idea – he wanted ALL of us to know what he knew and build upon it.  That spirit completely engulfed the class and we weren’t trying to beat each other up anymore.

Fast-forward 2 years, after going through code school, I’m working in a start-up where we’re doing a few things new to me.  I’m on deadlines and I’ve got to perform because there’s only 4 of us on the creative team!  Luckily community is huge.  There is always someone who’s been in your shoes before and are willing to take a few minutes to help out!  This really spurrs the idea that ’sky is the limit’.  It’s great!  It’s a great feeling when you can help someone else out as well!

The state of the dev community?  Very good and getting better!

If you’re a developer – remember to pay it forward and help someone.  It’ll completely make their day and they’ll do it for someone else as well.