Getting Back on Track

Since the new year my routine has been a little crazy.  Along with work, I have accepted 2 short side projects, restarted this blog, started my long distance runs again, and completely just felt drained.

My creativity was just shot.

I know I didn’t take on too much, what I have found is that if I don’t have a routine to stick to then my time management flies out the window.

I read this somewhere recently (Saddington probably said it) but if you have a routine, you don’t have to create your day from scratch.  That’s leaving lots of brain processing for thinking creatively.  It reduces stress, that’s for sure.

Like this blog for instance – I know that it’s going to be the first thing I do today online.  I’ll get it done before I jump on my first project for the workday.  Of course this may sound like ‘Life 101’ to most of you guys, but it’s easy for me to get off course if I don’t have that kind of structure.

I’m more free to think about the blog.

I’m more apt to use my countdown timer for the blog and my projects for the day.  Hey this has been super-helpful because I have to do quite a bit of research for each project and it’s easy to get sucked into the technical rabbit hole!  My timer goes off and I realize ‘OK, I got what I came for.  Back to the job.’

I get off work and go run 40 minutes – no excuses.  That one frees me up for the longer weekend runs.  I’m already prepared to take it on.  Don’t even have to think about it.

I didn’t really make structuring my days a priority last year and I realize I wasted a lot of time.  So this is my mid-January New Years’ resolution.

Take it easy guys!